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About the Products and Craftsman

My grandfather took a blade of grass one spring and called a turkey gobbler in close enough that I could feel him gobbling. This made a deep impression on me; from that day forward I have had great respect and appreciation for the wild turkey. Every spring since that day I have spent as much time as possible in the woods in order to listen to and observe this majestic bird.

Calling the Wild Turkey has always been a challenge and a joy for me; as a result, I have spent a lot of time over the years making and perfecting calls. Through the years, I have found that using a variety of different types of calls is the best way to successfully call this majestic bird, but I had trouble finding an excellent box call — the type of call I prefer — until I met Neil Cost from Greenwood, SC; a gentleman who produces a very fine box call, and a man who is known as a master call maker. With his encouragement and coaching, I have produced a call that meets both his, and my, strict standards of quality. It has taken several years, but I now believe my calls represent the finest quality box calls available anywhere.

After carefully selecting the best wood available — aging it, shaping it, and tuning it — each call is hand made by me. If a call does not meet my standards for quality of tone and appearance, it will be discarded; therefore, you can be assured that each and every call is good or it would not get into your hands. Since I am more interested in the sound than the looks, it may have some imperfections in finish, although I feel my calls are the best looking calls on the market today.

For those who want and can afford the ultimate in fine turkey calls, I offer my selection of friction box calls. Every call is hand-carved from a solid block of the finest grade wood available, and it is guaranteed true in tone and pitch. The quality of these calls is unsurpassed anywhere, at any price, and has proved itself on every species of Wild Turkey in America.


Why Buy My Box?

You may be wondering why you should pay this much for a box call which at first sight only appears to look good, when you could buy a less handsome call from a well-known manufacturer and not have to wait four to six weeks for delivery. This is a legitimate question and I will try to explain.

Quality merchandise is easily identified when you see it and use it, because it costs less to maintain, always looks and feels a cut above the ordinary, and most importantly, will last much longer. My boxes are custom made from start to finish. Only the highest quality materials are used; therefore, the finished product is going to sound and look superior to others. I give very careful consideration to texture, density, quality material, and appearance before I ever design a call. These designs are used to obtain pitch, tone, and depth of sound characteristic of the wild turkey. Inlays strengthen the sides, and in the top, they prevent warping and give balance. Every design, inlay and lamination has a purpose and has been combined to be attractive as well as functional. This is quality.

Using one block of wood lets me eliminate problems caused by imperfections in the wood. Thickness of the sides, tops and bottoms- determine tone, and the size determines depth of sound for that particular box. When the call is finished, it will make as close to perfect notes as can be made today. It is designed to sound like a turkey, and that is exactly what it does. I guarantee that each call is true to tone and pitch; not that it will call a turkey, because that depends on the operator.

Attention to materials and workmanship is costly and time consuming, but it is the only way a fine call can be made. If I could produce as good a call for less money, I would do it, but I can’t. Neither can anyone else. My calls cost a few dollars more but they are worth every nickel of the extra money. On the bottom, every call is personalized as to where the wood came from, who it was carved for, and the date it was purchased, then signed by me.

I would be honored to make these unique calls for you.