Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the cedar/walnut 
box call that you made for me for Christmas.   
It sounds exactly OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAas I asked , pure turkey…nice two note yelp 
with a little rasp on the end. It is a great looking call 
which I think spits feathers and is very easy to play. 
I am sure that I will be ordering another sometime this year – 
maybe again for Christmas or possibly my birthday. 
Now I know what everyone has told me is true. Mr. Albert Paul is a
Master Call maker. Thanks again. Keep your box call dry.


“I thought I should send you a note and tell you how happy I am with 
the two calls you made for me . I hunted in several states this past 
spring. I had 9 Toms come in to my calling that where harvested by 
me and/or others . I harvested a total of 13 Toms this spring. I just 
love it when they come marching in.

I feel that your video and calls are the best . I use the walnut one 
first, then the cedar one when they are close . If any one should 
ask you what I needed to hunt turkeys, like I did; give them the 
same package as you put together for me . I had never hunted on 
my own, with out a guide for turkey before this spring . I am really 
happy with the calls and video . Last night I used the video again 
to practice with .”


Just wanted to let you know that I received my box call 
yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL! More importantly it sounds 
even better than it looks. I am so happy with it that I can’t 
wait until Spring  Gobbler season.
I also watched your video last night and I learned quite a bit. I
never purred on a box like you do and I like it and will perfect it. 
I’m a pretty good caller on a box but after watching you I feel like
an amateur again. I will practice diligently and religiously to
become as good as you are.


“Just a short memo to let you know that the calls I received from you 
for myself, my son and two of my closest friends were very much 
appreciated. All of us agree they have the most real sounds of any 
box calls we have ever used or heard. The two calls I used worked 
to perfection. I was fortunate enough to hunt in Kentucky, Ohio and 
Indiana this season and called in 11 long beards of which 9 were 
taken, not all by myself of course. 2002 was the best turkey season 
myself, son and friends have ever had and all agree we owe it to 
your box calls.”


“I was hunting this morning in Virginia around 8:30 AM, and trying to 
get a lonely gobbler to answer my glass friction call with no success.

I pulled out the Cedar Box call you made for me this spring and 
made a few yelps. A Tom answered and I quickly found me a tree to sit up on.

In less than ten minutes he was in the bag!!

This is my first bird with the call but it sounds great and I look 
forward to many more successful hunts with your call.”


“I received the box call you made for my friend…in the mail last week. Although I bought it as a gift, I couldn’t resist opening it and running it a little. As with the call of yours that I own and use every year, this call sounds fantastic and is beautiful as well.

To be honest, I never liked the idea of having to carry a bulky box call and had always used mouth calls before I owned one of your calls; but now I can’t imagine ever going into the woods without my Paul’s box call.

Your calls are the best I’ve ever heard (sometimes they sound better than a real turkey to me!), and I appreciate the attention to detail and fine craftsmanship that goes into each call.”

“Just a note to let you know I received my two calls. I can’t say enough about 
your workmanship or the amazing sound of your box call. As you may recall, I 
ordered a second call as a Christmas gift for a dear friend. He received his 
call yesterday and he has called me three times to thank me and rave about 
the call. In his words “There is not a turkey sound that this call won’t 
produce. I can do so much more with this call than I could with any box call 
I have owned.” I think that sums up his satisfaction.

We both thank you and plan to send pictures of our spring gobblers taken with 
our new treasures. Keep up the great work.”

“The turkey call you made for me arrived the other day. It is beautiful! The workmanship and care you put into making your calls is evident and I treasure this. I spent hours looking at your tape and working this call and finally got it down in the wee hours. Thanks again for such a personal hunting tool, made with care and craft and select woods, and a tape that makes using it fun and easy to master with a minimum of frustration. I admire your work and will treasure it through the years.”

“Thank you so much for handcrafting my box call. It is certainly going to be a very welcome addition to my ever-growing turkey call collection.”

“I received your call and I’m really impressed. Not only does it have a great sound, the beauty and workmanship is excellent. I have it setting out so I can show it off when friends come to my house.”

“When I asked you to make my box call, I really didn’t feel that it would turn out any different than others I’ve had made. I’m particular about how I want a call to sound and felt I’d probably never find what I have kept looking for.
I want you to know in all sincerity that you have…made a box that truly sounds like the perfect caller to me. When I first opened the package, the beautiful work and obvious quality wood really stood out. My fear was that the box would just be a beautiful piece or work and not possess that true hen voice I wanted. That fear soon subsided when I played the call. It is exactly what I asked you for. It has a good break, a true medium hen voice with a little rasp, and tones down easily.
I want to express my happiness on your fine work. You obviously know how to tune a call. I am pleased with the call in every way. After having close to a dozen calls made by people who are good at the task, you have finally met my expectations on the first try.”

“I really don’t know what to say. The box you sent me is absolutely the nicest one I have ever seen. My hands literally shook when I picked it up for the first time.
I had initially thought that I would put it on display in my gun room; but after hearing how well it sounds, it’s going to have to go to the woods with me. (in bubble wrap and a cardboard box, of course!)”

“I recently received the prestige box call made of aspen from Colorado and walnut from my native Missouri. The call was absolutely beautiful and it sounds great.”

“Your signature call arrived yesterday and I was thrilled. Never in 15 years of turkey hunting have I heard a box call that comes close to the tone of yours. It is truly a work of art!”

“….I could never go through a turkey hunting season again without having one of your calls in my vest.”

“Man, you really craft one fine box call! I’m really impressed with your workmanship and the great tone – on both sides of the box…..”

“What a wonderful end to my day to come home from work and find that wonderful box call in the mail. I have always been a box call fanatic; I seldom go hunting without one or two in my vest. …it is truly a thrill to have one as fine as this one obviously is.”

“From soft seductive purrs, yelp, and clucks to the more raucous sounds hens are known to make, your box call is in a class that, in my experience, is unsurpassed. Even a throaty, challenging gobble!”

“I received my box call last week and it’s truly a wonderful work of art! It went beyond all my expectations. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the sound it produces is remarkable. I don’t know whether to use it for hunting or just display it as art in my living room.”

“Your selection of just the right woods and fine craftsmanship put…(your calls)…in a class by themselves.”

“Received my beautiful call in the mail today and to say that I am very much 
pleased would be a gross understatement. The call IS a musical instrument. 
It is beautifully handcrafted and sounds wonderful. It is much more than I 
expected. Thank you so much. I will be putting it to use Thursday. I 
guarantee you the turkeys where I hunt have never heard anything this good!”

“Just received my brand new Paul’s Call Pocket Call in the mail this
afternoon!! It’s been hard waiting for it to arrive. I know what they mean
now by saying “you can’t rush perfection”. Whoa! What a sound!”

You made my signature model call for me in February, 1994. I have taken at least one gobbler with it each season since. There is no other call in my vest that gives me the confidence of that special call. All of my hunting buddies that see it love the workmanship and sweet sounds of the call. I recommend that all turkey hunters have one in their vest. I wouldn’t go in the woods without mine. It still looks brand new. I have some great memories from times using this call. Thank you again for this special call made by a special friend.

I have wanted one of your calls for a couple of years now, my wife
and children surprised me at Christmas with a pocket call. I have killed
lots of turkeys with mouth calls and slates but I have never found a box
call that I felt comfortable with. This call not only sounds as good as any
call I have ever heard it is so smooth and easy to use. Thanks so much!